Micro SDHC Specifications

Published: 02nd September 2009
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When selecting the correct memory card for your new accessory it can seem hard to choose the correct option out of the myriad of storage devices available. The list is pretty long with SD cards, mini SD cards, micro SD cards and SDHC cards being just a few. Certain devices won't be compatible with certain cards however and as different cards are capable of storing vastly different amounts of data this may even dictate your choice of gadget in the first place. For this reason it's important to know the differences of the various types of flash cards, this article will look at one of the latest entries to the market - the Micro SDHC card - and see how it differs from the competition.

Like SD cards, Micro SDHC cards use a form of flash memory which is non-volatile meaning that no battery is necessary for backup and also makes them compatible with a large range of different gadgets and accessories. Generally these include PDAs, mobile phones, GPS devices, hand held games machines, cameras, MP3 players, video players, digital photo frames and more. As mentioned however, not all accessories will be compatible with the later memory cards so it's important to check that yours are before you make a purchase.

Micro SDHC is one of the newest forms of removable data currently available. The name micro SDHC is an acronym for Secure Digital High Capacity Cards with 'High Capacity' representing a significant upgrade in data storage from traditional SD cards. In total micro SDHC cards are capable of storing up to 30gb more data than the traditional SD card (which was only capable of storing up to 2gb) making them highly suited for storing media files such as films, games, music and pictures. With a Micro SDHC card you could choose to store around fifty movies or your entire CD collection on just one card. Due to the significantly improved storage capacity of the SDHC range of memory cards it is prudent to ensure that any new electrical appliance or gadget you buy is compatible (and in 99% of cases these will also be backwardly compatible should you want to buy a cheaper SD card for now).

Micro SDHC cards also differ in size from the standard SD card hence the 'micro' fixed onto the beginning of the name. In fact a Micro SDHC card is barely the size of a dime and is much thinner. This makes it the smallest commercially available memory card at just 15mm x 11mm x 1mm and considerably smaller than the regularly sized SD cards and SDHC cards (which are available in larger formats too) as well as the intermediate size 'mini SD cards'. This obviously means that the micro SDHC card is suitable for the smallest devices, though that's really where the difference ends (though micro SDHC cards are just marginally more expensive than regular SDHC cards). The key point to realise however is that adaptors can be purchased that allows micro SDHC cards to be read by devices with larger slots, whereas those with micro-sized slots will not be able to read the larger variety of cards. Therefore you should go with devices that accept both where the option is available.

SD Cards evolved into SDHC and a further engineering made them even smaller though increased the memory, these Micro SD or SDHC cards are the latest in Memory Stick family.

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